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Find Your Starting Point

Setting out to transform your marketing department can feel overwhelming. With so many dimensions to consider, where do you begin? We built this tool to help marketing leaders choose the best starting point.

What Is It?

Starting Point is a prioritization tool for marketing leaders contemplating substantial change.

It assesses the urgent challenges and pressures facing you and your team. Then it uses this information to guide you to the most impactful first step.

The pressure to change can come from many different sources. And every change initiative must include many dimensions—strategy, team structure, processes, culture and more. Starting Point considers all of these variables and then recommends one of 12 possible first steps—each with practical advice and tips based on firsthand experience.

Who Are We?

Starting Point was created by Modern Craft, a Vancouver-based marketing consultancy focused on helping brands navigate complexity and keep pace with changing customer expectations.

Our recommendations are based on decades of experience helping marketers and leaders from industries and organizations of many sizes through complex change initiatives.

While we recognize that specific recommendations may not work for all teams under all circumstances, we believe that prioritization is vital.

We hope Starting Point will help you decide where to take your first step, but if you'd like to speak to an expert about the specific challenges and pressures impacting your change journey, contact us at