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The pressure is on. Your marketing team needs to adapt. To become more digital nimble agile data-driven customer-centric. But where do you start?

This interactive tool is designed to help you pinpoint your best starting point. Complete a 12-question self-assessment (approximately 10 minutes) to unlock a set of actionable recommendations tailored to your needs. 

Let’s begin by getting oriented in two important ways.


First, Map The Terrain

When you set out to change the way marketing functions in your organization, expect your journey to cover these four interrelated territories.

Next, Check Your Metaphor

The wrong language can mess with your mindset and skew your expectations. The word “transformation” is widely used—but it’s more helpful to think of your goal as adaptation.


Implies an ending

Changes feel wide-reaching

Big and overwhelming


Ongoing, no ending

Change only when doing so provides an advantage

More focused, less scary

Now, Find Your Starting Point

This short, interactive tool is designed to pinpoint your best starting point based on a quick and easy self-assessment.

Get Started

(12 questions, less than 10 minutes)