Meet the Farmer

Join us on a virtual tour of BC egg farms

Tag along as we take local food bloggers on a tour of two egg farms.

BC Egg fuel the BC Lions' FanFest

Powered by eggs!
A look at last month's BC Lions FanFest where we participated as a proud sponsor.

Food Bloggers Visit Egg Farms

Crystal and Elizabeth, two well established food bloggers spent a day visiting a few of our farm families.  

They let us tag along and share their experiences. 

BC Egg Supports Run for the Cure

Each year BC Egg is a proud sponsor and supporter for the Run for the Cure events.  This year we were in Abbotsford and here is what happened.

Getting Vancouver Breakfast Television off to a great day with eggs.

Eggs are packed with 14 essential nutrients that you and your family need to stay healthy and active. Great start to your day.

BC Egg Draft Pick Ronnie Yell

We wish the BC Lions a successful 2015 / 2015 season!

Farmers Give Back At McCammon Elementary School

BC Egg Farmers Give Back at McCammon Elementary School in Chilliwack. Two Family Farms who produce Country Golden Yolks Free Range eggs under the Golden Valley label came out to a local school in their area and fed a whole school delicious egg burritos made from scratch.

Farmers Give Back at Godson Elementary School

Two local farm families from Abbotsford come out and make breakfast for over 100 kids and their families at Godson Elementary. Everyone had such a great time, especially the farmers, as you will see in the video!

Farmers Give Back Featuring Farmer Ben's Eggs

We went to visit Farmer Ben's Eggs in Duncan, BC and our video crew captured this farm family in-action in their community donating a healthy egg breakfast to a near by school. "It's important to be involved in your community and teach our children how to give back, that's why we do it" says farmer Jen. #FarmersGiveBack 

Farmers Give Back Gateway of Hope

The BC Egg Farmers and the Mayor of The Township of Langley Jack Froese with Councillor Gayle Martin all came out to help support and cook at the Salvation Army's Gateway of Hope for this episode of Farmers Give Back. They served up delicious and nutritious farm fresh scrambled eggs and turkey bacon donated from Jack Froese's company JD Farms. They provided warm meals for over 100 guests that day. It was truly a wonderful and special time for all who were involved.

BC Eggs Fuel the BC Lions

BC Lions players LOVE BC Eggs.  How about you? Tell us how you like your eggs done at We're always looking for new recipes! BC Eggs are a perfect source of protein and if you don't believe us here what the BC Lions have to say. 


Eggonomics: How U.S. Eggs Impact the B.C. Economy

Cross-border egg shopping costs the B.C. economy more than $3 million a year. Enough to buy the province four new fire trucks. Learn more here.

Good Morning, Delta

Normally egg farmers rise early to care for their hens. Today they're rising early to care for someone else.

Good Morning, Vancouver

Good morning isn't just something you say. It's something you do. Watch what happens when BC Egg farmers make an early morning surprise at a local Vancouver Food Bank.


Good Morning, Parksville

Many people get up early to help make British Columbia a great place to live. Watch how BC egg farmers show their gratitude.

Supporting Our Local Communities

At BC Egg we believe in the communities where we live, work and play. Supporting our BC communities is just what we do.