Grade "A" Eggs

Have you ever wondered what a Grade A egg is?

Depending on an eggs shell quality, interior quality, and the size of its air cell, eggs are classified as Grade A, Grade B, or Grade C. Your local retail grocery store offers BC eggs that are of Grade A quality.

A "Grade A" Egg:

  • Has a thick white, a well-centered yolk, a very small air cell, and a clean, sound shell.
  • Are sold to retailers and restaurants, usually within four days of being laid.

    Only Grade A eggs are graded according to their weight, including the shell:

    Pee wee - under 42 grams (g)
    Small - at least 42 g
    Medium - at least 49 g
    Large - at least 56 g
    Extra large - at least 63 g
    Jumbo - 70 g or more