Speciality Review

A Specialty Review was initiated by the British Columbia Farm Industry Review Board (BCFIRB) for the five commodity boards in the province: BC Broiler Hatching Eggs Commission, BC Chicken Marketing Board, BC Milk Marketing Board, BC Turkey Marketing Board, and BC Egg.

The Specialty Review is intended to ensure the expansion of specialty products (including organic) and the opportunity for new producers to enter into the industry.

Overview of the Specialty Review:  BC Farm Industry Review Board

Additional documents regarding the Specialty Review related to BC Egg.

Specialty Production NEP Criteria Letter (May 2007)

Revised Standing Order changes (August 2006)

Specialty Review Question and Answer Document (April 2006)

Updated and Revised Proposed Standing Order Change as submitted to BCFIRB (April 2006)

Proposed Standing Order Change as submitted to BCFIRB (December 2005)

Specialty Review Revised Question and Answer Document (October 2005)

Specialty Review Document Information (March 2005)