Quota Allocation

I am happy to report that the latest request for issuance of quota was approved by Government July  17, 2015.  The request from BCEMB and the decision note is available below.

I would bring attention to a number of highlights in the decision document that will require further description as to the overall process and how producers may participate in providing stakeholder input.  Your input is important as we need to demonstrate that we are fair, transparent and inclusive on our process so we can reach effective/strategic /accountable outcomes.     

I will only mention the quota exchange at this time as it has the greatest impact to producers in the near term.  We will be extending our consultative process to include the EPA, new entrant and small lot feedback and general producer and public comments through via the website.  An extensive backgrounder on the quota exchange reform will be posted this week. This document will  serve as basis for  stakeholder input. Details as to the specifics of process will be posted soon.                  

​​​​​Al Sakalauskas

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