Health Professionals

The following nutritional resources are available to B.C. nutritionists, dietitian, and health professionals.

For orders and more information about the following resources, please contact us at or 604-854-4497.

Take a New Look at Eggs and Cholesterol
It’s ok to enjoy eggs everyday! Facts about eggs and cholesterol, including info about omega-3 eggs.
Need Lasting Energy?
Fold-out brochure about the high quality protein that eggs provide to let you do the things you want to do.

Eggs – Lasting Energy for Your Family
Fold-out brochure with info about high quality protein eggs that provide your family with long-lasting energy.     
Eggs – So Many Choices
Brochure about the different types of eggs, egg sizes, and nutrition.

Brochure with answers to commonly asked questions about eggs.     

Egg Allergy – The Facts
Info about egg allergy – causes, symptoms, treatment. Tips for egg substitutions in the diet.

Eggs for Your Baby
Info to introduce eggs to a baby’s diet. Cooking methods and recipes.