Core Review

The Core Review conducted in 2014 identified 7 key areas where our current policies may not reflect the current market and needs of our stakeholders.   The issues and proposed policy changes for each of these key areas are outlined throughout the Quota Management Tools Review 2016 document along with questions pertaining to each policy change.  

As the quota management policies and programs are all interrelated, it is difficult to assess the potential impact of one change without knowing how the other policies will be affected.  The BCEMB is requesting that stakeholders take a moment to review the document and provide input through the survey link prior to January 26, 2016.  Once input is received and reviewed, BCEMB staff will adjust the policy proposal as required and forward to the BCEMB Board of Directors for approval. 

The Stakeholder Consultation document can be found here.

Thank you to all those who participated in our Quota Managment Tools Survey!

Here is a summary of your feedback with the resulting staff recommendations.

Good governance makes our industry stronger, quicker and more responsive

Good governance isn't just about policies and procedures. It's about being open and transparent when it comes to how our resources are being managed, how value is being created and where our industry is going. It's about making sure that everyone who has a stake in our industry also has a voice in it. It's about having a responsive, adaptable system in place that gives us the power to embrace new opportunities, tack new challenges and keep growing well in the future.

All of this is why BC Egg is committed to meeting the standards of good governance established by the Office of the Auditor General and the British Columbia Farm Industry Review Board (BCFIRB).

In 2013, we started a Core Review of our quota-management policies to give our industry the flexibility we need to keep evolving.

We've also started the transition to a new kind of stakeholder engagement that will guarantee a voice for everyone invested in and affected by egg farming.

The perfect egg takes teamwork
By talking to a wider range of stakeholders, we're creating conversations that will mean better policies, smarter strategies, and more supportive communities.

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