Consolidated Order

The Consolidated Order of BC Egg formally defines the mandatory and enforceable directions and policies to which all registered egg producers must comply and by which BC Egg operates and regulates the provincial egg industry. The Consolidated Order is backed by provincial and federal legislation governing the production, transportation, packing, storage, and marketing of all eggs in B.C.

Consolidated Order (amended to March 8, 2016)

*** NOTE: This electronic version of the Consolidated Order is not the official version. It is strictly for private study or research purposes only. BC Egg does not warrant the accuracy or the completeness of this electronic version and in no event will BC Egg be liable or held responsible for damages of any kind arising out of the use of the Consolidated Order.

Persons who need to rely on the text of the Consolidated Order for legal and other purposes may request in writing the official version from the BC Egg office.

The BCEMB undertook a core review in 2014 and identified 7 key areas where our current policies may not reflect the current market and needs of our stakeholders.  Producers took the opportunity to provide feedback to our policy directions in early 2016.  In addition, there have been many changes within the industry and how it operates.  As a result, a complete review of the Consolidated Orders has been conducted.

The BCEMB is requesting that stakeholders take a moment to review the document and provide input through the survey link prior to July 31, 2016. Once input is received and reviewed, BCEMB staff will adjust the proposed changes as required and forward to the BCEMB Board of Directors for approval. 


There are four documents to help guide you through the changes:
1) Consolidated Orders Review 2016 - Summary of Changes (this information is included in the survey)
2) 2010 Consolidated Orders - Clean version, amended to March 8, 2016
3) 2010 Consolidated Orders - Track changes, all proposed changes are documented
4) 2016 Consolidated Orders - Draft clean version


A pdf version of the survey can be found here.