Hen Housing

Canadian egg farmers use a variety of different systems to house their hens. Each temperature controlled barn provides hens with a clean environment, access to fresh food and water, and protection from natural predators. All egg farmers are committed to the well-being of their hens. They take part in the national Animal Care Program and the Start Clean-Stay Clean program to ensure the safety and well-being of the hens while providing eggs that are always clean and fresh for you!

  • Free run housing provides hens access to the entire barn floor area where they can perch, scratch, forage and lay their eggs in nesting areas. Some of these barns are also equipped with multi-tiered aviaries.
  • Conventional housing is a cage system that separates the hens and eggs from their waste, allows for easy monitoring of the hens’ health, and results in high food safety.
  • Free range free range housing is similar to free run except it also allows hens access to the outdoors.
  • Enriched housing is larger than conventional housing and allows more space per hen. It is also equipped with perches and nesting boxes to provide hens with privacy when laying their eggs.