Good Morning BC

Mornings really are good on BC egg farms. They're early too.

A couple of roosters will make sure of that. We’re usually up anyway, as there’s a lot to do to produce Grade A eggs every day. We’re constantly looking after our chickens because to us, they’re like family.      

Our Farmer’s Care   

BC egg farmers know that good morning isn't just something you say, it's something you do. Many people get up early to help make B.C. a great place to live. Normally, BC egg farmers rise early to care for their hens. Today, they’re rising to care for someone else.

Watch how BC egg farmers show their gratitude:

Our Chickens Need Love   

Most days start with a walk through the barns to see how everyone is doing. The mornings slip away pretty quickly after that as we devote our time to taking care of the hens and collecting eggs. We take a personal interest in our hens because we love what we do, and because it’s good for business. All BC egg farms are family-run. Our passion for egg farming has often been passed down from generation to generation.

Our Chickens Need Science

What kind of feed is best for our chickens? What kind of light do they like, other than the rising sun? BC egg farmers know just about everything there is to know about running a farm and looking after our hens. It’s all based on sound research and science from animal scientists and veterinarians. You could say we’re the chicken and egg experts. We even contribute to important poultry research for the University of British Columbia.

Our Eggs Are Local

Most farms load up a truck daily with fresh eggs for local BC grocery stores. Our goal is to make sure you have a good morning or at the very least a good start with fresh, local BC Eggs. When you buy our eggs, you’re supporting BC residents and the local economy.

Our Eggs are Good Eggs

Imagine someone who's obsessed with keeping a clean house. Sweeping and washing the floors. Disinfecting and wiping up spills. In a way that’s what we do with our chicken barns. We do our best to give our hens a healthy home, that’s sanitary and comfortable. And they in turn give us clean, wholesome eggs.

The People Behind the Egg

Happy, healthy chickens make healthy eggs. And there’s a whole bunch of people involved to make sure they stay that way. These people include: humane societies, veterinarians, food inspectors, animal scientists, and of course, BC egg farmers. Together we decide on the best practices for the care of our hens and the eggs they lay.