Small Product. Big Problem.

How U.S Eggs Impact the B.C. Economy


It’s easy to underestimate the impact of cross-border shopping, especially when it comes to a product like eggs. After all, what’s one little carton? As it turns out, 2 million of these little cartons—or 24 million U.S. eggs—are brought into B.C. each year, costing the province more than $3 million.

Three Million Reasons                                  

Cross-border egg shopping costs B.C. an estimated $3.1 million in lost gross domestic product (GDP) every year. GDP is the value created through the sale of goods and services, which can then be re-invested by government, industry and consumers. Eggs produced and purchased in B.C. contribute to a strong GDP and an increased quality of life.

Impact on Infrastructure

Economic losses leave less money for publicly funded programs. Health care, law enforcement, public education and social programs all suffer when B.C. residents spend their money outside of the province.

Jobs in Jeopardy

An estimated 60 full time positions are lost each year due to the costs of cross-border egg shopping. When B.C. residents shop in the U.S., less money is available for job creation and compensation of existing employees.

Quality Concerns

When you see the ‘Canada A’ stamp on a carton of B.C. eggs, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are buying Canada Grade A eggs that have been washed, graded, and packaged at egg grading stations that are registered and inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Eggs produced outside of Canada are not certified by the CFIA and cannot be guaranteed to be up to the same level of quality as certified eggs.

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Freshness in Question

Because B.C. eggs are produced locally, they have a very short distance to travel before reaching your grocery store. Long border lineups and greater distances between farms and retailers means that eggs purchased outside of Canada may not be as fresh as those purchased locally.

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Neighbours Supporting Neighbours

B.C. egg farmers don’t just work in B.C.—they live here. Many B.C. egg farms are family-owned operations run by farmers who take pride in providing a high quality product to the communities they call home. When you buy B.C. eggs, you’re supporting B.C. residents and the B.C. economy.