BC Egg Farmers

BC Egg Farmers Care

BC egg farmers care for the right reasons. There is more to caring for hens than meets the eye. Every day, regulated BC egg farmers work hard on their farms so that their flocks receive responsible care and that B.C. egg consumers remain confident in their choices of safe, wholesome eggs that fit their budget and lifestyle.

In B.C., about 136 registered farmers raise almost 2.4 million layer hens, which in turn produce over 64 million dozen eggs. About 80% of B.C.'s registered egg farmers are located in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, 10% in the Interior, and 10% on Vancouver Island. This ensures a stable supply of safe and locally-produced eggs. The average B.C. egg farm raises 17,000 hens. The egg industry contributes over $95 million to the provincial economy.

BC Egg issues quota to registered egg farmers. An egg farmer is legally required to obtain quota from BC Egg if they have more than 99 birds. Registered farmers with quota are bound by BC Egg’s Consolidated Order to produce eggs according to provincial and federal legislation.

Registered egg farmers also follow the Recommended Code of Practice. This Code was developed jointly by various groups including: veterinarians, scientists, the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, egg farmers, and egg processors; to provide the best quality of humane care to hens. Hens are housed in clean, well-ventilated buildings with controlled climate and feeding systems. They are provided a constant supply of clean water and a balanced, nutritious diet.         

Watch the videos below to meet some of our local egg farmers and get a behind the scenes look at their farms!